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Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

With trucks from Hassett of Wantagh you’re connected to the best in sales, service and parts! Hassett is now offering while you wait truck maintenance and light repair service from 7:30-3:00 Monday-Friday.  There will be eight certified technicians on hand to service your trucks and accommodate your unique needs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.53.52 PM

Hassett is the dealership that is miles ahead of the competition at keeping trucks and their customers moving.  Two blocks west of our showroom at 3530 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh, our most impressive state-of-the-art Truck Service Center guarantees that only highly trained factory-certified technicians will work on your truck.  Whether it’s a single truck for personal use or any number of commercial fleet vehicles, Hassett of Wantagh has an outstanding reputation for exceeding customer expectations in sales, service and parts.


Ford Tested its Aluminum Truck for Two Years in Secret

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Back in 2011, Ford sent out six prototype F-150 trucks to three of its best industrial customers. Ford gave the companies these trucks for free and told them to put these trucks to work. What these customers didn’t know is that the beds were made of aluminum.

“We wanted to test the truck outside, in the harshest conditions and in the hands of real customers, with no limits,” Ford stated in a release. “So when we gave them the prototype vehicles, we told them to use the trucks like their other…trucks, and we would be back to follow their progress.”

Over the course of two and half years, Ford checked in every three months to see how the trucks were holding up and to get any customer feedback. The results were very good. The beds didn’t crack and could take a pounding and keep working. However, the customers did notice a couple oddities: magnets wouldn’t stick to the bed and scratches didn’t rust.

Based on the feedback, Ford made a few changes, it made the aluminum floor thicker, altered the aluminum alloy to make it stronger, and modified the tailgate design.

The testers finally learned the secret along with the rest of the world at the 2015 F-150’s reveal this past January.

Want to put the all-new aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 to the test yourself? It will be rolling into Hassett Automotive later this year.

2015 Ford F-150

The 2015 Ford F-150’s aluminum beds were tested in secret

Be The King Of The Road Driving A F-150 King Ranch, America’s Best Selling Truck

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.59.37 AM

When you think about reliability, capability, high performance and fuel economy, you think about Ford Trucks.  Don’t you?Well you should.  The new F150 Series is quicker, quieter, and more refined than its previous models and is backed by decades of Ford’s innovative breakthroughs.  It’s no wonder why the F-150 King Ranch is becoming America’s Best Selling Truck with so many new improvements and features.

Designed with the best combination of torque, capability and fuel economy, this new series is one you can trust and depend on. Offering a choice of engines, the 5.0L V8 gas motor or the 3.5L twin turbo EcoBoost with 365 horsepower and 420 lbs of torque, either engine won’t disappoint.   This high performance motor is built to be the best in its class.  As Ford’s premier motor, the EcoBoost has more horsepower and more torque than any other V8 motors on the market today.  The F150 King Ranch outperforms any other truck second to none.



Friday, May 10th, 2013

When homeowners need room to build a bigger house, they often have a backyard or garage sale. Everything is marked down to rock-bottom prices in an effort to ‘clean house’.

When it’s Hassett of Wantagh — Long Island’s #1 volume Ford Lincoln dealer — that’s building a bigger, better dealership, that means a Construction Super Sale to move out as many vehicles as possible. It means pulling out all the stops. Sacrificing now for the future. Giving groundbreaking deals on every car, truck, and SUV in Hassett’s tremendous inventory.

Sure, dealerships regularly run sales…but not like this one. Hundreds of beautiful, brand-new Fords, Lincolns, and Subarus have to go, so Hassett is cutting prices to record lows. Prices have also been slashed on every high-quality certified pre-owned vehicle on their lots. And remarkable lease deals are also being offered, with competitive lessees (non-Ford Motor Company) receiving up to an additional $1000 when they lease or buy a new Ford vehicle.

e“It’s really a dual-powered event,” explains Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett Ford of Wantagh. “We do need to make room for all the improvements we’ve planned and are currently building, but just as important, we want to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding during our rebuilding period. All of us here know it hasn’t always been easy — or pretty — but the good people of this Island have stood by us the whole time. So our ‘Super Construction Sale’ is our way of thanking everyone for their support while clearing space for the ‘new and improved’ Hassett. And we’re not holding anything back!”

When Lou Evans says everything has to go, no matter what, you can count on remarkable one-of-a-kind values on whichever vehicle gets your motor running. Want a beautiful new 2013 Ford? How about a Mustang Convertible for just $29,999? Or a Focus for under $17,000? If you prefer to lease, a 2013 Ford Edge SE is yours at the ridiculously low price of $149 per month for 24 months. An extra $10 a month lets you lease a new Ford Explorer. Want more? The new Ford Escape SE or Fusion SE is available for just $119 per month for 24 months. And select 2012-2013 models are available at zero percent financing for up to 5 years!

Subaru enthusiasts will find a lot to love, too. The 36mpg 2013 Impreza 2.0i can be purchased for the low price of $19,488, or leased for a mere $99 a month for 36 months. Subaru’s 2013 Outback 2.5i with automatic transmission, and Legacy 2.5i are also available at outstanding savings. And if you thought the 2014 Forester 2.5i — with automatic transmission and 32mpg — wouldn’t be included in this sale, think again: with a sale price of only $23,444 and 36-month lease with payments of just $109, you may never see these kind of savings again!

Luxury driving has never been more affordable with outstanding deals on all the magnificent new Lincolns during Hassett’s “Super Construction Sale”. Now’s the time to get the all-new redesigned 2013 Lincoln MKZ or MKX — both featuring all-wheel-drive — for a 24-month lease of only $299. Just $389 a month for 24 months lets you lease the amazing new Lincoln MKS all-wheel-drive, with similar deals available on the Lincoln MKT & Navigator, as well.

Huge savings are being given on every Hassett certified pre-owned during their “Super Construction Sale”, and, of course, come with many benefits, including include the “Hassett Advantage” with all its perks.

So that you know the tremendous value and savings waiting for you at Hassett’s “Super Construction Sale”, it’s time to get yours! Because even with Hassett’s huge inventory, these deals can’t last long. Hurry in now, and get the thanks and super-low prices you’ve earned by sticking with us while we’re building your better Hassett of Wantagh.


Monday, April 15th, 2013


It’s officially here. And though slow in coming, Spring’s gentler weather and annual activities both personal and professional will arrive in a matter of weeks. Men and women who rely on their truck(s) to literally drive their seasonal businesses know that Hassett has the lowest prices on the high-quality, heavy-duty Ford trucks they need for maximum productivity and profitability.

this-is-the-realest-logo-seriously-this-time“Savings and selection are just the beginning of what the Hassett Truck Connection can do to help businesses ‘Spring Ahead’,” notes Hassett’s Commercial Sales Manager Ken Vighi. “We can custom-build — or after-market customize — a truck or van to fit the specific needs of virtually any business. And because Hassett is a certified Ford Powertrain Distribution Center and Business Preferred Network dealership, you can be confident we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your complete satisfaction.”

Whatever truck or van you require, Hassett has it in stock and ready for immediate delivery: F350, F450, and F550 landscape bodies; F350 and F550 mason dump bodies; small or large Box trucks, Econoline vans, Transits, and Parcel Delivery cargo vans; even insulated refrigerated vans. Hassett also has the brand new 2014 Super Duty pick ups; two door, four door, short bed, long bed. We have whatever you need ready to take home at a moment’s notice. Landscape truck ready to take ‘home’ at a moment’s notice. If your business needs to be ‘Spring-loaded’, Hassett has the ‘ammunition’ to help you get the job done right, whether it’s:

• General Contractors                         • Plumbing Contractors

• Landscapers                                       • Electricians

• Caterers                                               • Florists

• Pool Cleaning/Repair                       • Cable/Electronic Repair

“Hooking up with the Hassett Truck Connection gives you a fully-equipped ‘partner’ with the tools to succeed, “ Vighi adds. “We understand what you need to run an efficient business, so we offer numerous benefits including 24-hour drop-off service and instant lines of credit. Thanks to our 12,000-square-foot Commercial Truck Service Center, we’re able to provide a standard of quality repairs and maintenance, quick turnaround, and affordability unsurpassed in our industry. Lastly, but by no means least, as the only dealership on Long Island to be awarded Ford Motor Company’s prestigious ‘President’s Award’ for sales and service for ten consecutive years, Hassett provides a business advantage like no other dealership.” These include:

•           Expert repairs by Ford-certified technicians

•           Special pricing and service accommodations for all types of fleet accounts

•           Truck specialist available seven days a week.

•           The region’s largest inventory of certified Ford parts

Don’t wait until Spring is in full bloom…head over to Hassett Automotive now to see the full line of new, customizable commercial trucks ready for immediate delivery. Or call the experts at The Hassett Truck Connection at (516) 809-4444 to discuss your specific needs, and let us help you start taking better care of your business this season, and for many to come!


Thursday, February 28th, 2013


Whatever you need, the Hassett Truck Connection Has It!

If you own a truck for business in the tri-state area, chances are you know Hassett of Wantagh is THE truck center on Long Island for great service and the lowest prices on heavy-duty Ford trucks. However, that’s only part of what makes The Hassett Truck Connection such a valuable business asset.

We can custom-build — or aftermarket customize — a truck or van that’s highly “personalized” to meet the specific needs of almost any business, including:

• General Contractors

• Landscapers

• Caterers

• Pool Cleaning/Repair

 • Plumbing Contractors

• Electricians

• Florists

• Cable/Electronic Repair

A certified Ford Powertrain Distribution Center and BPN (Business Preferred Network) dealership, Hassett has the truck knowledge and experience you can trust to ensure your total satisfaction. When you hook up with The Hassett Truck Connection, you get a fully-equipped ‘partner’ with an arsenal of tools to help you take better care of business, such as 24-hour drop-off service and instant lines of credit upon approval. (more…)


Friday, December 14th, 2012

So…what will you be getting as gifts this year? Another tie or scarf, perhaps? How about a wall-mounted fish that sings?  Maybe this holiday, you’ll finally get that “Chia Pet” you never wanted.

C’mon…it’s the holiday season. Your holiday season. If you don’t get yourself the really incredible gift your heart desires, chances are really good you won’t get it at all.

At Hassett, we understand. That’s why throughout this joyous time of year, our showrooms are stuffed with fantastic deals to make your season the brightest ever. Like the Ford Year-End Celebration, featuring the best savings of 2012 on what AutoSource, Inc. calls “the freshest line-up in America”.  Hassett and Ford are also continuing to give those who need it up to an additional $1,000 Bonus Cash as part of their special Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief program. If your current vehicle was damaged during the storm, you may qualify for this extra assistance in addition to numerous other incentives. (more…)


Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Every Long Islander suffered in one way or another from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, including all of us at Hassett Automotive of Wantagh. The one heartening aspect of this deadly storm was the way people across the Island came together to help each other get through those cold, dark days. Of course, our hearts go out to those still suffering in Sandy’s aftermath, along with hopes for a quick recovery.

At Hassett, we’re making it easier for our customers, and others, who experienced damage to, or the total loss of, their car, truck, or SUV during the storm — some suffered multiple vehicle losses —to get back on the road. We call it our “Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief” programs, and they’ve been set up to make it more affordable to replace vehicles that are no longer operable.

“Anyone who’s been affected can get immediate assistance at Hassett, “ says Lou Evans, General Sales Manager for Hassett Ford of Wantagh. “This is over and above all the other incentives we always offer. “If your vehicle was ruined by Hurricane Sandy, you can come into Hassett now to receive up to an extra $1,000 in disaster relief bonus cash on any new Ford or Lincoln in our huge inventory. For those who want to purchase or lease a new or certified pre-owned Subaru, we’re offering $500 in disaster relief. And all our vehicles are available for immediate delivery. We know we can’t undo all of what this terrible storm did, but we can make replacing your vehicle easier, and less expensive.” (more…)


Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Throughout the years, many have attempted to be “THE” truck center on Long Island. Over time, many have faded from memory.

Then there’s Hassett of Wantagh. From its impressive Truck Sales Showroom at 3530 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh to the state-of-the-art Truck Service Center two short blocks west, Hassett sets the standard in excellence and customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a single truck for personal use or any number of commercial fleet vehicles, no one takes care of business better than Hassett. Besides being the only dealer on Long Island to have been awarded Ford Motor Company’s prestigious ‘President’s Award’ for sales and service nine consecutive years, Hassett is also a Ford Powertrain Distribution Center with the tri-state area’s largest inventory of OEM Ford parts. Most importantly, Hassett’s 12,000-square-foot dedicated Truck Service Center is manned by a crew of highly-skilled, certified Ford technicians to service both gas and diesel engines. So it’s easy to understand why this dealership is miles ahead of the competition at keeping trucks, and their customers, moving. (more…)


Friday, July 27th, 2012

The experienced professionals at Hassett of Wantagh have long known that the only way to really appreciate the feel and performance of a car or truck is to take it out for a test drive. The owners of Marine Max in Lindenhurst adhere to the same philosophy when it comes to their boats. So these two companies put their like-minds together and decided to co-host Long Island’s biggest demo/sales event of the season on August 4th and 5th!

These two highly respected business dealerships — two of the best known names in the tri-state area — know that “once you try it, you’ll buy it” and invite all truck and boat enthusiasts to a day of driving and cruising excitement at their first-ever “Buy Land or Buy Sea” sale event. The festivities begin promptly at 9:00am at Marine Max’s location at 846 South Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst, and from then through 5:00pm, the fun and savings will be non-stop, including a live remote broadcast by WBZO/103.1 FM, Long Island’s oldies station, from 10:00am-Noon and WBAB/102.3 will be there on Sunday from 11am – 1pm.

“I’ve always believed that once someone tries a Ford F-150 truck for themselves — actually takes one out and feel its power and responsiveness first-hand — they’ll want to buy it,” says Don Zergebel, founder and president of Hassett of Wantagh, which includes Hassett Ford. “So I’ve arranged to have several on hand at this special ‘Buy Land or Buy Sea” event. And I couldn’t think of a better partner for this unique demo/sale spectacular than Marine Max. It’s going to be the event of the season!”

In addition to the opportunity to test drive one of its ‘built-tough’ Ford F-150s, Hassett is also providing huge factory incentives and rebates with every purchase. Even better, every F-150 purchase comes with a free navigation system, and zero percent financing is available on select models. Plus there will be valuable demonstrations of the latest advancements in towing and trailering.

Here’s just one of the great deals Hassett is offering at this amazing event:

A 36-month lease on a 2012 FORD F-150 XLT  4X SUPER CREW at just $299 a month. It comes complete with a 5.0L V8 Engine, 6 Speed Auto, 4×4, AM/FM CD, 7350# GVWR Pkg, Off-Road Pkg, Skid Plates, Trailer Tow Pkg, XLT Convenience Pkg, Sync, Pwr Wind/Locks/Mirrs/Seat, XLT Plus Pkg, Reverse Sensing, XLT Chrome Pkg, Chrome Clad Wheels. This amazing event low price includes Competitive Lease Conquest. Stk #19101.*

“As an auto and boat lover, I suggest test-driving an F-150 and taking a demo ride on one of those fantastic boats,” remarks Zergebel. “That way, you have the chance to find your perfect match, and enjoy the best of both worlds.”

Remember, this is a one-weekend-only event — Saturday and Sunday, August 4th and 5th — so make plans to be there early for an upfront spot on what is sure to be lengthy lines for test drives and boat demos. For more details and directions to Marine Max’s Lindenhurst location, call (631) 957-5900. An event with excitement and savings this big may not come again, so don’t miss it!

*Disclaimer: Based on $2995 down, $595 Bank fees, 10.5k miles per year. Taxes and DMV fees additional. All factory & finance rebates and incentives to dealer. Valid until 8/31/12.