When It Comes to Performance and Design In a Luxury Vehicle, No Other Challenger Can Keep Pace With Lincoln’s 2017 MKZ.

August 31st, 2016

Purchasing an automobile— especially a high-end, luxury model— is hardly an impulse buy.  Savvy consumers do their research, explore their options, and take the time to compare every comfort and performance feature fully, before judging the value of an investment that they will live with everyday… and for some time. It’s no different here at Hassett Lincoln of Wantagh. We make a point of understanding, first hand, what our competitors are bringing to the sales table. We frequently test-drive the same vehicles that our customers might consider in the luxury class. Our goal has always been to stay ahead of the curve, and comfortably out front, in terms of the factors that sway decisions when comparison shopping. If we wouldn’t choose Lincoln, why would a savvy buyer?

Take the 2017 MKZ. Consistently, a leader in its class, the new MKZ continues to outdistance its luxury rivals. Consider the entire package— drivability, style, innovation and comfort— and you can understand why the new Lincoln MKZ is pulling away from its closest challengers.

Just look at the MKZ performance options and capabilities. Available in both a 2.0- and 3.0-litre, turbocharged V-6— with Ecoboost— this engine delivers more HP, more torque, and better gas mileage than any “also-ran” in the field. If you love to drive, you’ll love the MKZ. Experience the ease of handling through the vehicle’s dynamic torque vectoring, and sport-tuned suspension systems… the streamlined, fuel-saving ride from MKZ’s sleeker lines, and advanced, aerodynamic grill shutter action… and the ease and close proximity of the center-console-mounted, push-button, automatic shift controls.

lincoln capture

In terms of style, MKZ takes a back seat to no one. Newly designed for 2017, this trendsetter incorporates mainstream features, like the retractable, panoramic glass roof, the innovative, adaptive LED tracking lamps, and the stunning range of attention-grabbing wheel-cover options. Naturally, leather abounds throughout the stunning, roomy interior. And, more subtle design nuances, like detection illumination and interior-control remote activation simply add more firepower to the vehicle’s resume.

If you crave technology, then slide behind the wheel of MKZ. Wrapped in luxury, you’ll immediately be drawn to Lincoln’s remarkable, voice-activated, SYNC 3® communications center— phone, entertainment, and navigation— there at your fingertips. If you can briefly stop interacting with SYNC 3®, you’ll be struck by the silence. That’s MKZ’s remarkable noise-canceling technology. Then there’s the long list of driving gadgetry, convenience features, and safety sensors— designed and incorporated to make your ride incredibly stress-free… and so very cool. When you come in, ask for a full demonstration. Even the most jaded techies are impressed.

To review… given the stable of luxury cars with the reputation, and the window-sticker math, that might be mentioned in Lincoln’s MKZ class… the choice seems clear to us. Our opinion may be a bit skewed, but at least we’ve done our homework. If you’re comparison-shopping a luxury vehicle, make it a point to stop by Hassett Ford, Lincoln, Subaru of Wantagh. We’ll gladly share the results of all our test-driving experiences… and save you the trouble.

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Bored With Your Driving Routine? Need A Change Of Scenery? Make Your Getaway Plans In A New 2017 Ford Escape

July 26th, 2016

Picture yourself heading out on the open road, carefree and feeling it, in the sportiest SUV in the country— or the city— the red-hot “Escape”— turbo-charged, trimmed out, and all standard in Ford’s top-of-the-line Titanium Package. Inside and out, Escape delivers on performance and looks. It’s an exhilarating ride, with plenty of bells and whistles to keep you company.

Ford’s innovative “twin-scroll” turbo-designed 2.0L engine is featured on the Titanium model, and delivers Ecoboost® power and performance on demand, while maintaining exceptional fuel savings and emissions-conscious control with its amazing Auto Start-Stop technology. Speaking of power… check out the towing capacity of the Escape— maxing out at 3,500 pounds with the Class II towing package. Add 68 cu. ft. of cargo space, and you can hit the highway fully stocked for all the fun and adventure you can handle.

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Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

July 22nd, 2016
Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Make sure you have enough coolant in your car!

Keeping your car cool in summer is a problem for many drivers. While spring presents a relaxing climate, summer offers a dreadful heat that few modern drivers can bear. Rolling your windows down while on the road can only do so much. Luckily for you, we here at Hassett Pre-Owned have a few tips for keeping your car cool in summer.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Vacation

July 9th, 2016
Prepare Your Car for Vacation

Prepare Your Car for Vacation by checking your tire treads – hold a penny in your treads, and if you can see the top of Abe’s head, you need new tires!

Summer is a time for families and friends to head out on the open and take a summer vacation the adults likely need. When your car breaks down on the road, it can put a bad spin on a time meant to create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. We here at Hassett Pre-Owned have a few tips to help prepare your car for vacation and leave you with a positive experience!

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For Long Island’s Pet Lovers—
It’s Summertime, And The Given’ Is Easy!

June 28th, 2016

On June 17th, animal rescue groups, non-profit shelters, corporate sponsors, and animal lovers in general, joined together, as one, to compare notes, share stories, and most important, raise some needed dollars in support of pet-rescue organizations across Long Island. Over 250 businesses were in attendance. The occasion was dubbed…”Unleash the Love”, and there was plenty of heartfelt sentiment in the room. The afternoon get-together was held at The Crest Hollow Country Club, where attendees were treated to a wonderful social event— included cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a lavish luncheon spread, and the opportunity to “ooh and ahh” at oversized checks being passed and presented.

One such check was passed from the management of Hassett Subaru to the dealership’s yearly “pet charity”… Pet Peeves… represented by its Founder and President, Janine Dion, and one of the Island’s foremost animal-rescue agencies and fundraising organizations.    

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Buying Luxury Models: Precision Meets Sophistication

June 18th, 2016

For owners who like their car to be sophisticated, check out Lincoln’s model lineup. Offering refined design, advanced infotainment technologies, and exclusive materials, Lincoln is made to be luxurious. That’s why we’ve put together a post on buying luxury models, demonstrating the advantages of this prestigious class of vehicles.

Some owners want the most basic options around, a great choice for drivers looking to save a few dollars. However, for car buyers who want something that truly represents their personality, luxury designs are the best option. According to Lincoln, luxury models come with great features, sharp styling, and exclusive trims. Not only do they add comfort and enjoyment to your ride, but they also make a bold statement on the road.

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How Hybrids Work: Eco-Friendly Technology Explained

June 8th, 2016

“Hybrid” is a term frequently used in the auto industry, but not every car buyer truly understands what it means. That’s why we’ve put together a post on how hybrids work, explaining the basics and the advantages of this eco-friendly design.

According to the EPA, a hybrid is any model that combines an electric motor with a gasoline engine. Not only does this generally increase fuel economy, but hybrids can also increase power—one of the reasons they were actually invented. Typically, the engine provides most of the power, while the electric motor supplements power when accelerating or passing. This lets you get have a smaller engine, eliminating weight and gas-guzzling designs.

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At Hassett of Wantagh, pre-owned is just another way of saying “like new”… without the showroom price tag.

June 2nd, 2016

When customers first stroll around Hassett’s expansive, pre-owned-vehicle lot, their initial reaction is “Wow! There’s so much to choose from!” Here at Hassett we’re never short of options, options and more options. Our inventory selection is as diverse as it is enormous, and we’re here to help you navigate our fabulous outdoor showcase until you discover the car, truck or SUV that perfectly suits your style, your personality, your comfort zone and your bank account. Hassett proudly sells preowned Ford, Lincoln and Subaru vehicles… plus a large selection of other makes and models. Each one has undergone a stringent testing-and-inspection regimen— revitalized and fine-tuned to pass Hassett’s pre-owned certification standards for appearance, durability and technical soundness. And then there’s Hassett’s thirty years of award-winning sales and service that comes with every ride. There’s simply more to like about buying a Hassett pre-owned vehicle than our unbelievable choices and unbeatable prices.

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Short List of Long Island Beaches

May 21st, 2016
By Wolfgang Wander - http://www.pbase.com/wwcsig/image/53410670 / Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=779484

Image By Wolfgang Wander – http://www.pbase.com/wwcsig/image/53410670 / Own work

Summer will be here before you know it, which means that it’s almost time to head to the beach. Fortunately, nearby Long Island has some of the most beautiful beaches and shorelines on the East Coast. Here is a short list of Long Island beaches.

Main Beach. There’s a reason that this shoreline is named “Main Beach”. It’s one of the most popular destinations on Long Island, drawing out locals and celebrities alike.

Coopers Beach. Thanks to its soft and beautiful shoreline, Coopers Beach is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the entire East Coast, making it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll or swim.

Garvey’s Point. Garvey’s Point may not have soft, beautiful sand like many of the other beaches on our list. However, what separates Garvey’s Point from them is the possibility of discovering ancient fossils in this area.

Montauk. If you prefer action-packed surfing over a leisurely stroll on the beach, than the shores around Montauk are perfect for you. You will be able to find some seriously wicked waves in this area of the Long Island shore.

Ford Donates a Ford Transit Van to the Salvation Army of Eastern Michigan

May 10th, 2016

Ford Transit emergency response vehicleThe Salvation Army’s motto is “Doing the most good”. Ford is dedicated to a similar mission. Therefore, it only seems natural that these two groups should come together to help out those in need. Ford donated a Ford Transit van to the Salvation Army of Eastern Michigan.

The fully-equipped 2016 Ford Transit 350 cargo van will assist the disaster services team of the Salvation Army in Eastern Michigan with various operations.

Ford also plans on donating another Ford transit vehicle to the Salvation Army of Kansas City for similar disaster relief efforts.

“Assisting with disaster relief is an important part of our mission to serve the communities where we live and work,” said Janet Lawson, director of the Ford Motor Company Fund. “The flexibility of the Ford Transit van makes it a great fit for The Salvation Army’s emergency response fleet.”

When it comes to lending a hand, or a van, to the community, Ford is ready to help!